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  1. Have you been searching for a group of people who share your deepest sense of the spiritual?
  2. Would you like to be in a gathering that welcomes the exploration and examination of questions and doubts?
  3. Do you sense that there is a great Presence of perfect harmony flowing thru all of nature?
  4. Is it your belief that as expressions of a loving Creator, we are all innately spiritual?
  5. Have you experienced the incredible power of your attitude to impact your experiences?
  6. Do you believe that it is life's intention that you discover and fulfill your unlimited potential?
  7. Are you looking for an open, affirming and supportive spiritual community?
  8. Are you hungering for a relevant message that is intelligent straight-forward and down-to-earth?
These are just some of the things that you will find at the Temple of Light...

One of the sad things in today's world is the lack of knowing one's neighbors. We may smile as we pass each other on the street, we may wave as we drive by, but we seldom take the time or opportunity to get to know our neighbors.

We are the people of The Temple of Light, a metaphysical spiritual center located in Seminole, Florida. Our spiritual center is more than a building; it is a group of people of like mind. We were established in October 1986 to serve the needs of the New Age, New Thought, Metaphysical, Spiritualist and Neo-Pagan communities. We welcome all denominations and actively encourage people to worship as they choose.

We hold a spiritual healing and message service every Thursday evening starting at 7:00 PM. Our Sunday worship (3rd Sunday of each month) starts at 10:00 AM with "hands-on-healing, the worship service starts at 10:30 AM and includes a meditation, a metaphysical lesson with a short "positive living" talk plus spiritual messages given by our highly qualified psychics. On the last Sunday of every month we offer an all-message service featuring well-known spirit mediums. There is a fellowship following our Sunday services and we offer a warm welcome to all who attend.

We also offer a full range of metaphysical and spiritual services including spiritual, pastoral and marriage counseling, spirit communications, weddings, funerals, dedications, and an open pulpit with many guest speakers just to name a few.

Is there some way we can be of service to you? We have friendly people who would love to befriend a lonely person; we have programs that teach and help in many areas of life. We are looking for people just like you to visit and to become a part of our fellowship. The beautiful friendships that develop because of coming to this center are a testimony to the great fellowship found here.

So remember, you are always welcome here. Please make an effort to come and don't forget to introduce yourselves to us and give us an opportunity to say "Hello".